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living green NBC News Report showing advantages of lightweight steel roofing and how to avoid potential disasters caused by a heavy roof
living green Living Green Newscast by Santee Cooper demonstrating the green and environmentally friendly characteristics of stone-coated steel roofs.

Metro Roof Products

Typical California Metro Shake® Installation
View the installation of a Metro Shake® roof from start to finish.

Typical California Metro Roman® Installation
View the installation of a Metro Roman® roof from start to finish.

Why Metal? Why Metro?
See why choosing a Metro metal roof is the best choice for beauty and durability with an emphasis on being environmentally friendly.

How to Pick a Contractor
Actual homeowners explain how they chose a Metro Roof contractor.

SteelROCK Roof Products

SteelROCK – About SteelROCK
SteelROCK manufactures some fine materials.

SteelROCK – How is it Made & Installed?
The “In’s and Out’s” of SteelROCK’s product.

SteelROCK – Customer Testimonials
Hear from people who own a SteelROCK roof.

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