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The following are comments from some of our satisfied customers:

" Our house is 3/4 of a mile away from the epicenter of the 5.4 Chino Hills quake that hit a few days ago. Until early spring this year, the roof of our small 82-year-old house was so layered-up with asphalt roofing that the equivalent of several schoolbusses was parked above our heads. We could tell the weight was affecting the twostory hillside structure, and learned that heavy roofs pose the risk of driving dangerous momentum during earthquakes. Also, we live in a canyon with high fire risk; the asphalt roof was hot and more flamable than we liked.

So we had Western Roofing Systems replace it with Metro Roof's lightweight MetroShake II, tough steel shingles with a baked-on finish. It's 1/3 to half the weight of the asphalt, which means two of the school busses are gone. When that earthquake jolted our old house, only a few light knick-knacks fell; nothing broke. Our next door neighbor got knocked around enough to have broken glassware and spilled bookshelves -- I believe that the lack of roof weight momentum from the earthquake's snap helped our house ride it better. We've also noticed a significant improvement in coolness during the hot summer months because the steel is so much cooler than asphalt.

The crew that did the work was surprisingly wonderful. They were organized, led by a guy who seemed to have the credo, Do It Right! He explained and offered smart, workable solutions to the unexpected problems that inevitably come with working on an old house, and saved us money with some smart suggestions. He helped us make an old junky roof look very, very neat and pretty. In one day, that crew quickly tore off the old roof -- a dirty, messy job -- and picked up the mess so well I could hardly believe it. It took them less than a week to complete the job and in the end, not only did we have a much smarter roof, but to my surprise, a gorgeous roof! I had gotten so used to that horrible old asphalt that I'd forgotten roofs can actually be attractive!

Our thanks to Western Roofing and Metro for a great product, and our special thanks to the crew for a superior installation job. "
-- Very sincerely yours, Steve & Jan Anderson

"I still had my old half shake roof when the Northridge earthquake hit. I started talking with friends and neighbors and found in most cases the homes in my neighborhood with concrete roofs had more damage than a home just a hundred feet away with a lighter roof."
-- Robert M. Reeves

"As the On Site Manager for a large scale homeowners association I have made it my business to study roofing materials. As a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Architectural Committee in the community where I live I have drafted roof policy and have steered the replacement of our cedar shake roofing toward a very limited selection of approved products. For my own home I selected Dura-loc stone coated steel. Rarely am I as pleased with a purchase as I am with my new roof."
-- Bob Spaulding

"I have been a Firefighter for over 24 years with the Newport Beach Fire & Marine Department. Fire safety has always been a major concern in all my purchases. I have been pleased with the fire resistance, wind resistance and overall appearance of the roof." (stone coated metal roof)
-- Robert A. Pringle

"As a senior Structural Engineer in the employ of a governmental agency prior to my retirement, my primary concern was that of adequate lateral resistance to earthquake (seismic) forces. In order to satisfactorily withstand the effects of an earthquake, the roofing material must not be heavy and must be fire-retardant to sustain the damaging effects of a fire resulting from an earthquake or other causes. Manufactured of sturdy, yet lightweight galvanized metal and coated with fire-resistant granulation, it is, to my mind, the ideal material, both from a functional and aesthetic standpoint."
-- Saeed Amanullah, S.E.(retired)

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