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The Future of Roofing

Whether you are building a new house or re-roofing the one that you have owned for years, consider the aesthetically pleasing look of Future Slate. For centuries slate roofing has been used on family homes and castles. Future Roof® Systems has replicated slate’s distinctive irregular grain and texture found to be so pleasing to the eye. Enhance the appearance of your home, install a Future Slate roof today. It will last as long as your castle.

Future Slate is made from durable 28 GA. G-90 steel. Our Future Slate is lightweight, features concealed fasteners, and is very affordable.

Imagine the look of heavy wood shake without all the problems associated with wood. Future Slate by Future Roof® Systems will not crack, split, burn, curl, or blow off. The shake’s unique installation conceals and protects unsightly fasteners. The appearance of Heavy Shake adds a classic rustic style to your home, as well as safety for your family.

Future Shake is made from 26 GA. G/90 Steel, and manufactured to resemble a heavy, deep grained, random shake. Each shake impression varies in thickness, matching a distinctive feature found only in wood shakes.

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