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PRO-STEEL SHINGLE ROOF ACCESSORIES are designed for the professional roof installer, giving each roof a unique finished look. PRO-STEEL SHINGLE ROOF ACCESSORIES prolong the life of the common asphalt shingle roof which is prone to weather deterioration. They blend perfectly with the surrounding roof and compliment all brands of shingle on the market today.

PRO-STEEL SHINGLE ROOF ACCESSORIES are manufactured with a heart of corrosion resistant Galvalume® steel for longlife and are coated with a specially fine graded granite stone chip finish for years of worry-free reliability and protection.

Stone-Coated Steel is an internationally proven coating that has been used in the residential roofing market for over 55-years with great success. The specially formulated elastic acrylic resin basecoat is used to bind the natural granite stone chips to the steel, allowing the acrylic binder to move with the steel for a long-life coating. This type of exterior roofing product finish has been time-tested in over 40+ countries around the world and in virtually every climate you can imagine.

PRO-STEEL SHINGLE ROOF ACCESSORIES enhance the quality and workmanship of the most demanding professional roofing contractor. The PRO-STEEL products compliment any architectural style in the shingle industry. Upgrade your roof with PRO-STEEL — professionally.

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