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Commercial Benefits
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Join the growing list of Commercial Properties who chose a long life metal roof. Ram Metal Roof Mart offers a complete catalog of styles, designer colors, that suit practically any architecture.

The benefits to Metal Roofing are numerous and will provide optimum results for complete fire protection (Class “A” Rated), 120 mph wind uplift rated, 50 year leakproof warranty, and that it is basically a maintenance free roof that reserve study analysts will give a longer life cycle value for investment minimizing the need for accelerated reserves. The aesthetics realize the greater value as it comes to property values and resale values for the metal roof will maintain its appearance as supported in the 50 year warranty.The metal roof will also resist degradation as with most other roofing materials and their underlayments due to ultra violet break down. The four way interlocking method of installation provides the optimum water integrity as there is not the reliance on felt papers that detioriate then allow water entry.

We appreciate the fact that the investment for roofing is one of the largest and most important decisions to make and want you to know that we have a very successful track record by providing quality and long term solutions. Our staff can assist in designing details and specifications to meet the unique situations that are common to Commercial Property Owners. We offer a no obligation complete evaluation service with budgetary requirements and only work with qualified personnel to achieve an excellent installation.

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